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Technology Insights for Leaders in State & Local Government

Winter 2013

Life in the Clouds
States and localities move to private- and public-cloud models to boost efficiencies and save tax dollars.
Situational Awareness
Police departments are using the latest tools to improve communications and streamline paper processes.
Book Smarts
Institutions offer wireless access and PCs to flourish as a place for community engagement.
Strategy and Innovation: Free Air
Municipalities deploy wireless to draw businesses, bridge the digital divide.
Strategy and Innovation: Wi-Fi Metrics
Increase in devices pushing cities toward free Wi-Fi.
Product Review: Note Taker
Smartphone/tablet hybrid offers handy stylus and good pen software.
Product Review: Air Marshal
Tool spots rogue access points and other security threats.
Tech Watch: Defining Moment
Virtualization enables central management of the entire network.
Tech Tips: Share the Wealth
Make the most of storage virtualization and unused disk space with these pointers.
Tech Tips: Time and Place
Application-aware functionality isn’t suitable for every network.
Tech Trends: Doubling Down
Public safety groups deploy multifactor authentication systems to access federal criminal justice databases.
Interview: New Jersey CIO E. Steven Emanuel
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey is ready for an exciting 2013.
Interview: New Jersey Looks to the Future
New Jersey realigns; fosters collaboration.
Case Study: Bouncing Back
Technology helped Baker County bounce back from disaster.
Case Study: Through Thick and Thin
VDI improves IT operations for Ohio county’s emergency management agency.
Best Practices: Collaboration in the Cloud
Minnesota shares strategies for rolling out enterprise unified communications across the state.
Best Practices: A Polished Plan
Take these steps to improve continuity of operations planning.
Letter from the Editor: The Place to Be
Books or no books, libraries are leading cities and counties into the future.
Opinion: Embracing Lean Startup Approaches
The development method can get solutions in the hands of users and citizens faster.
Contributor Column: License to Lead
Why the industry should create a certification process to demonstrate passion for the work.
Smart IT: The Silver Lining in the Clouds
Cloud solutions are solving multiple problems for state and local governments.